Photoshoot with Hayley Steemson, Personal Stylist

Hayley runs her own business as a personal stylist. She wanted some shots of her out and about with a client, as well as some formal portraiture to update her website and social media. 

We started at Jean Jones to get photographs of Hayley working with a client. We wanted her clients to be able to envision themselves out shopping with her. 

Hayley did her client's make up, which I thought looked beautiful, so we took the chance to get a photo of this too. 


A slightly more formal portrait of Hayley in her element.

Then we headed into the Botanic Gardens to take her formal head shot and full body shot at the new Visitors Centre. Being a creative, she wanted something a little different as a background for her portrait session. The textured wall worked perfectly. 


And a chance to sit down at the cafe!

Here are Hayley's thoughts of the shoot:

"Finding the 'right' photographer to do my updated head and body shots for my website and Facebook page, had proven unsuccessful, until I found Chrissy Irvine!

Her 'word of mouth' was unsurpassed, and she delivered exactly what we had discussed during the brief - professional, but natural and relaxed pictures. I love how she uses natural lighting, and makes the whole process relaxed and fun.

I would highly recommend Chrissy for portraiture and commercial photography. You need to have a point of difference in this highly visual online market today, and Chrissy gives you that.

Thanks again Chrissy, I will definitely be using your services again."